The Partnering Lab is an applied research initiative focused on investigating the roots of ethical interaction. Our mission is to develop and share practical resources, including accessible digital reports, field guides, trainings, and interventions. Our research bridges theory and practice, connecting expertise in creative technology, clinical care, cognitive science, and the performing arts. 





The philosophy of partnering focuses on the significance of empathy, discretionary power, consent, and trust in human interaction. Our philosophy includes a practice-based facilitation method centered on promoting ethical awareness through focused movement exercises and studies, as well as practical resources that promote ethical interaction across domains of practice. Our focus is on the implications of body literacy in social and cultural competencies. 


As an applied research platform, our lab designs protocols and visualizations. These practical resources are implemented in interventions and trainings to support dialogue and ethical interaction across domains, including health, business, education, and arts-based practices. We investigate tools to promote curiosity and empathy across domains of practice.




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