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The Partnering Lab is an applied research initiative 

focusing on embodied ethics in social interaction


As an applied research platform, the Partnering Lab investigates strategies and methods that promote embodied ethics across domains of practice. The team collaborates in the design of research reports, protocols, and accessible visualizations. These practical resources are implemented in interventions and trainings to support dialogue and ethical interaction across professional settings, including healthcare, business, education, and arts-based practices. 

Why Partnering?

Partnering is a cluster concept that is employed as a mode of interaction in the performing arts of music and dance. Our research draws on a Dr. Ilya Vidrin's philosophy of partnering, which centers on the embodiment of ethics in human interaction. We understand partnering as more than just a metaphor for engaged human interaction - we see partnering as a way to practice ethical interaction to build trust, express care, and deepen empathy. 

Our Values

Our core values emerge from deeply reflecting on history, confronting the present, and imagining the future.

We believe in the essential role of culture for a free and open civil society.


We embrace difference, debate, and multiple viewpoints regardless of race, gender, class, or creed. We are committed to expanding our systems of understanding by 1) recognizing the limits of what we understand, institutionally and individually, 2) inviting dialogue and critique within and across disciplines, and 3) iterating collaboratively, transparently, and reflexively. 


Our programs and collaborations provide a platform for cross-cultural dialogue, deliberately designed to foster empathy, mutual understanding, and respect. We are committed to practical investigation and the sharing of resources for deepening research and practice.


The free flow of ideas and of people is essential to what we do. We oppose xenophobia and discrimination and remain steadfastly committed to the fundamental civic principles of free expression and open engagement.



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