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Fall 2023: Jacob's Pillow / Lab Residency + College Convening
Spring 2023: tethered / collaboration with Raja Feather Kelly (Harvard ArtLab)
Summer 2022: New Museum Creative Residency (NYC)
Spring 2022: Considered Care - Partnership with Boston Ballet and Northeastern University
May 2022:  A Living Chorus of Wood performance (Cambridge Art Alliance)


February 25th, 2022: Designing Dance: Embodiment, Ephemerality, and Experience
September 13-26, 2021: Creative Residency at Ballet Des Moines (Des Moines, Iowa)
June 3-4, 2021: Invited Talk: Responsive Bodies Workshop (Berlin, Germany)
February 2021: "Not Dancing on my Own" Virtual Workshops @ New Museum (NYC)
May 2020: Invited Talk: International Association of Music and Medicine
April 2020: Attunement Performance @ New Museum (postponed)
January - April 2020: Harvard ArtLab Residency
September 20-21, 2019 Harvard ArtLab Opening(Cambridge, MA)
June 8th, 2019: Invited Talk: Centre for Performance Research (New York City)
October 25th, 2019: Invited Talk @ American Academy of Arts and Sciences
July 22-28, 2019: Partnering Lab @ Jacob's Pillow
October 13, 2018: TedX Providence Demonstration of Wearable Technology
April 20th, 2017: "Art/Tech/Psyche" Conference, Harvard Consortium for Digital Humanities

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