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Steven Geofrey

Research Associate

Data Visualization and Information Design

Steven Geofrey is an applied researcher, developer, data analyst, and designer in information visualization and digital humanities. Steven's work explores themes of narrative, structure, language, perception, human experience, and more, and his philosophy of information design is heavily informed by his experiences living in and studying Japan. Steven's interests are very interdisciplinary, crossing the arts and humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. He has particularly strong interests in the role of visualization in several specific domains, including textual analysis, Asian studies, and human perception. In his work, he explores these subjects and the ways in which they run parallel in their methodologies, paradigms, and perspectives, seeking to address one primary question: what does it mean to employ visualization as a narrative medium in which radical representation can deconstruct privileged, canonical, and dominant perspectives? In the process, Steven adopts approaches and critical theory from many different disciplines beyond design, including epistemology, feminist theory, and religious philosophy.

Steven Braun
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